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Including tanking and damp-proofing, roofing, cladding, doors and windows, glass and insulation.

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TILT Skylight

Tilt Skylights are the only operable glass skylights available that can be utilised with a standard staircase. Our automated skylights use quality materials to provide easy roof terrace access and increased natural light and ventilation into the home.
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TILT Hatch

Contemporary frameless glass hatch providing a unique cellar access solution.
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Windows and Glazed Doors

Windows and glazed doors are vital for providing natural light and ventilation in buildings. Sustainable options incorporate features like double or triple glazing and eco-friendly materials to minimize heat transfer and reduce energy consumption. By combining energy-efficient design with durable construction, these elements enhance both environmental sustainability and occupant comfort.
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Daylighting Devices and Skylights

Sustainable daylighting devices and skylights, integral to biophilic design, offer energy-efficient illumination while connecting indoor spaces with the outdoors. By harnessing natural light, they reduce energy consumption and promote occupant well-being. These innovations merge aesthetics and sustainability, contributing to a healthier, more eco-friendly built environment.
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R20 Batt Insulation - 24" OC

R20 Unfaced Batts Designed for 2x6 framed 24" OC stud bays.
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R13 Batt Insulation - 24" OC

R13 Unfaced Batts Designed for 2x4 framed 24" OC stud bays.
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