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Room Dividers

Room dividers and partitions are versatile elements used to divide space, create privacy, or add visual interest in interior environments. They come in various styles, materials, and configurations, ranging from folding screens and curtains to modular panels and built-in walls. These partitions can be movable or fixed, offering flexibility in space utilization and design. Whether used in homes, offices, or commercial settings, room dividers and partitions provide solutions for optimizing space while enhancing aesthetics and functionality.

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XTD Walls UV Paint Coated

With unique textures and options for diverse surface treatments, XTD Walls satisfies all your needs for a stylish decor while keeping your home safe and green.
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AgriBioPanels - Drywall

Our Drywall Partitions are made with 100% renewable agri-fibre (husk, straw) and resin to reduce the embodied carbon footprint of the built environment. Our panels can be used for drywall application along with suitable framing based on the structural requirements of the building.
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Copenhagen Green Stand

If you need a new and original green stand space you can ask us. You can ask for a project or order a customized project of yours and we will make it possible!
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M Series™X Engineered Bamboo

M Series™X is produced by thermo treating selected bamboo to an exact state. altPlus solution to reduce the carbon footprint & improve the health, wellbeing & efficiencies of our buildings & spaces, while increasing durability &life time of our every day surroundings.
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Manaus Wall

The Manaus Wall is a product that can be applied in many different ways such as, space dividers, half walls, TV units, back of sofa bases, co-work hub or any other item that you can think of!
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Olissipo Half-Wall

This product can be turned into study cubicles in a library, working spaces in offices and exhibition areas in an event.
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