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altPlus is an international, multidisciplinary, company with professional services in design, engineering, manufacturing, and construction -  with dedicated expertise in engineered bamboo solutions. ​One of the worlds’ foremost leaders in private, bamboo research and technology, altPlus aims to standardise and accelerate the adoption of performance bamboo solutions.


altPlus designs and manufactures healthy, performance products for industry and home, from the most rapidly renewable, carbon storing materials on earth – bamboo. Using modern technologies and working with the best partners in industry, altPlus brings engineered bamboo composite products to the global market. altPlus products have the ability to offset as much or more carbon than timber products while being rapidly renewable, with all the healthy, natural, features we look for in timber products.When altPlus engineered bamboo composites are used in durable goods, it is possible their life cycle can last 105 years. First life, 50 years in a building, second life, 50 years in a building, and finally, third life, down-cycled into a lower grade construction material of 5 years life cycle. Over the 105 year time frame, the rapidly renewable bamboo in the forest will have replaced itself over 20 times. Compared to a woody forest that may only experience regrowth through planting, 2 – 4 times in that same period of time. As the world looks for new solutions for a sustainable future, altPlus engineered bamboo composites are an example of what that future looks like.

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Arc e™ Screen

Arc e™ Screen is a patent-protected, solid, exterior grade, engineered bamboo cladding system, developed for the highest performing exterior cladding applications. altPlus is focused in the design, development, and manufacturing of the worlds most advanced architectural building materials and systems utilizing engineered bamboo.
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BEEB™ Solar Canopies & Structures

The BEEB™ is a solar canopy system in structures for commercial, and public infrastructure -bus shelters, parking canopies and solar charging EV-Stations. altPlus solutions reduce the carbon footprint & improve the health, wellbeing & efficiency of our buildings & spaces while improving our everyday surroundings.
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LVB™ Structural Composite Lumber

We use the most useful, rapidly renewable resource in the world, to improve life on earth. The altPlus LVB™ structural composite lumber is extremely versatile, that has a high load-bearing capacity combined with slim dimensions making it suitable for large spans. The lumber also has exceptional surface quality and is locally sourced and made from rapidly renewable raw material. altPlus LVB™delivers the highest performance in engineered bamboo structure systems and the sustainability leadership for a new generation of architectural products.
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M Series™X Engineered Bamboo

M Series™X is produced by thermo treating selected bamboo to an exact state. altPlus solution to reduce the carbon footprint & improve the health, wellbeing & efficiencies of our buildings & spaces, while increasing durability &life time of our every day surroundings.
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