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General electrical products and equipment, power systems, supply and distribution equipment, lighting and communication systems, safety and security systems, electrical commissioning and maintenance.

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Smart Folding Light

An original WoodVenture™ smart folding light.
$50.13 excl tax


$448.00 excl tax

Ocean Drop

$624.00 excl tax


This hand-crafted piece provides a hint of those horizon lines at sea, as the light drops off its globe-like curves to cast mesmerising patterns across your home.
$815.00 excl tax


A ripple of water is a mesmerising thing to behold, always moving and changing, yet also always predictably the same. How does one capture such movement in a lighting piece?
$950.00 excl tax


This is the beauty of dusk contained in one elegant lighting piece. Cast beautiful warm light across your walls and be captivated by the way it transforms your home.
$275.00 excl tax