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BAUX - Cospire

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Cospire: Chic, Cheerful Collaborative

Spaces for innovation

Cospire is a brand-new coworking space in the city of Lausanne, Switzerland. The venue offers 28 fixed and flexible desks, as well as two private offices, a workshop, kitchen and lounge areas.

Designed as a playground for innovators, they also host events, trainings and activities, blurring the line between work and play. Boasting a stylish modern interior, Cospire is part of a growing wave of alternative workspaces where the emphasis is on creativity and collaboration.

As the popularity of coworking environments increases, designers note a greater need for acoustic solutions to ensure that concentration is not compromised by sound.

Inspired by Swiss nature

Drawing inspiration from nature, Cospire’s designers sought out natural materials such as wood, glass, stone and plants to create an inviting and relaxing interior. Suitably, BAUX Acoustic Wood Wool Panels were selected for their acoustic capabilities, aesthetic quality, sustainability and colour palette.

Sustainable sound control

BAUX Acoustic Panels are an environmentally-friendly sound control solution, designed to significantly reduce the impact of unwanted noise without compromising the environment. At Cospire, BAUX Panels create a playful but stylish backdrop to an array of desks, chairs and common spaces.

Better sound = Better meetings

Although Cospire primarily offers shared workspaces, the locale is also home to a private meeting room. In such spaces, privacy and concentration are key. The application of BAUX Panels on the back wall of the meeting room ensures that echoes and errant noise are kept to a minimum, allowing the occupants to focus on the task at hand without distraction.

'We chose BAUX for the acoustic capabilities, the aesthetic addition, the sustainable material and the color palette that was offered. Meeting spaces should have a minimal noise reverberation on the speech frequencies, this ensures that meetings are pleasant and phone calls can be made without any disturbing echoes. With BAUX we found the perfect balance between those variables'. Lucio Kilcher & Janan Shakur, architects.

Eyes on the horizon

Following the successful launch of Cospire in November 2019, its founders Lucio Kilcher and Janan Shakur already have their eyes on the future. Having also opened a coworking space for lawyers in the city, they say they want to inspire people to do the same and have had requests to open future locations in Lausanne and elsewhere.