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Kragelj Arhitekti - Prva Insurance Group

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Project Execution

Even though windows encircle the entire building there was not enough daylight at its core for productive work. By demolishing inner walls we brought natural light deeper into the floor. This solution freed up space to create a reception, several conference rooms, and a cafeteria. It provided new functionality for the central part which is now the main entrance and serves as one of the primary socializing spots.

The reception is connected with a staircase to the entrance lobby on the ground floor, where we placed two desks for direct contact with customers and a meeting room for training sales agents.

The new arrangement makes optimal use of the existing space and it allows for future growth and expansion of Prva. With proposed workplace design solutions it offers a wide variety of work settings for their people, ranging from activity-based rooms to enclosed meeting spaces for quiet, focused work. We placed departments around the floor space according to Prvas updated process map and the frequency of interactions between their business functions.

Departments are separated with small meeting rooms, individual offices and phone booths which serve as acoustic barriers and intimate working spaces at the same time. A busy street on one side of the building posed a challenge which we solved by positioning busier common rooms on the noisy side and surrounded them with elements that block out unwanted noise.

Workplace Ambience

Unlike Prva's previous workplace their brand new one offers a lot of ways for employees to socialize and exchange ideas. Besides cafeteria and kitchen we also designed a living room with a wooden podium that can serve as a morning meeting point or a place to relax.

A lot of attention was paid to the functionality and ambiance of the common areas and meeting rooms which are now bright, spacious and made of natural materials. We put particular emphasis on wooden elements which serve both as a decoration and an acoustic lining inside individual booths.

The spaces are filled with greenery which reduces stress levels, improves air quality and have a significant impact on overall mood.

Colors, being an integral part of modern workplace design solutions, plays a key role in all our designs. We picked out a warm and natural color palette with pops of yellow, blue, green and red color. The boldly colored interior elements serve as an orientation marks within the workplace and are positioned to help people find their way around the office.