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John Wardle Architects

John Wardle Architects is internationally renowned for making extraordinary buildings and places that matter. Our team of 100 design professionals work across Australia and internationally from our two studios in Melbourne and Sydney. Our practice is a large collaborative environment where every project has a range of creative, technical and strategic contributions from a diverse team of architects and interior designers within JWA. We retain the creative energy of a small studio, pinning work up, and exploring new territory. The conversations we have with our clients are often the seedbed for new ideas and directions. We are inclusive, always curious to understand another's point of view.


In July, JWA became one of 30 founding signatories to the Australian Architects Declare movement.JWA recently launched a speaker series that will invite industry leaders to visit our studio and tell us about their work. In October we invited Ross Harding, Founding Director of Finding Infinity, to present his 10 initiatives for ‘A New Normal’. Together they provide a pathway for Melbourne to become autonomous and self-sustaining. Our Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD) team has devised a series of initiatives to embed principles into our practice that respond to the need for a “New Normal” – through passive design, building technology, embodied energy and services. These will continue to evolve and develop. Our design philosophy follows that by considering the building as a living entity that needs natural ventilation to breathe, draws in natural daylight to illuminate and collects rainwater to recycle, its impact is reduced while occupants become more attuned to the world around them.