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GreenA Consultants - Galeries Lafayette

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GreenA collaborated with renowned French environmental designer Alexis Tricoire to create green landscaping in Galeries Lafayette Shanghai, a 5-storey high-end department store.

To comply with the requirement of non-flowering species, we recommended and reviewed NASA-certified, air purifying plants to improve the indoor air quality of the shopping spaces.

A good amount of thought was put into the selection phase, to ensure that the plants vary in texture and shade, providing depth and layers, but yet also assimilate with one another in a wholesome design. Some of the plants used were: Epipremnum, Monstera and Chlorophytum.

Project management of proper installation and maintenance work of the landscaping was also part of our scope. We also had to conduct lux testings to make sure that the plants were receiving sufficient light to grow and not wither.