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Tony Ip Green Architects - Heat Sink

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The higher we live from the ground level, the more disconnected we feel from the natural environment and the community. Compared with people residing away from the metropolitan area, urban dwellers lack personal and open space, and may seek room to escape from the hustle and bustle of city living.

In pursuit of environmental sustainability, this installation - Heat Sink intends to examine human-nature interfaces and the paradigm shift amongst design for humans, design for humans with nature and design for nature in the urban context. Meanwhile, it presents how advanced bio-engineering, nanotechnology and renewable technology mitigate green-house gas emission, alleviate urban heat island and improve outdoor environmental quality.


- air improvement photovoltaic by nanotechnology
- power generation of sustainable solar energy
- solar PV transparent colour skylight
- self-cleansing glass
- decompose PM2.5 and organic airborne pollutants


- air purification self-cleansing layer fused photocatalyst
- eliminate hazardous particles
- anti-bacteria by disinfecting and preventing decay
- anti-fouling by decomposing and eliminating VOC
- decompose odors


- walkable green roof (plant species: axonopus compressus)
- non-anchoring self-stand system
- compensatory watering tray planter
- multi-layer anti-silting design
- high permeable light-weight sand-based organic soil


- biostructure-water vertical green wall
- built-in ventilated photocatalytic air purification system
- no irrigation system
- no ponding water exposure for mosquitos
- plant species: chamaedorea elegans and schefflera arboricola

Heat Sink has been installed at Construction Innovation Expo 2019 and The Mills.