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Fytogreen Australia

Over the past 20 years, Fytogreen has become the industry leader & innovator in horticultural technologies. We are a research focused, design & construct supplier of vertical gardens, roof gardens, green facades, planter boxes, floating wetlands and all of Fytogreen’s design and project management team has extensive experience in the industry. Fytogreen offers the widest range of bespoke greening solutions on the market, with multi-dimensional systems that increase the diversity, quantity and density of biophilic design and the capability and industry know-how to create brand new solutions when required.


Strategic and mindful design that reconnects humans with nature does not just improve the habitability of urban spaces — it transforms them into rejuvenating, inspiring environments that support enhanced health and productivity. Sustainable biophilic design should be a core strategy for any designer or architect looking to future developments. Fytogreen success and technical know-how provides our clients, architects and designers a rapid interchange of experience that has developed into a cost effective, ecologically sustainable solution for greening the built environment. Fytogreen offers a unique capability to design bespoke greening solutions for the built environment.  Our extensive technical know-how ensures we can deliver extensive, sustainable solutions to fit any project vision and our dedicated research division is continuously developing new greening systems to meet the changing demands of the industry.

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Green Facades and Planter Boxes

Green façades differ from vertical gardens by using climbing vines & creepers, planted in a lightweight and automated planter systems with climbing trellis.
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FytoArbour is an ultra-lightweight suspended garden with endless options and beauty.
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Floating Wetlands

Fytogreen has a range of Floating Wetlands and Gardens that encourage sustainability in many different bodies of water.
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Roof Gardens

Fytogreen has a range of Roof Gardens that suit different building needs.
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Green Walls

Fytogreen have a range of Green Walls.
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